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I am very pleased to announce that Bill Gill is stepping in to assist FAAS.

Bill has been involved in many clubs in the Northeast USA over the years and his IT background will help us get the FAAS site running.

We will be making several changes to the website over the next few months and will work to realign the organization to best serve our members.

Stay tuned!


Over the last several years, participation in the FAAS Publication Awards has gone down markedly.

There are two prinary reasons for this:

  1. Fewer clubs can afford to print and distribute newsletters
  2. Most clubs have moved all of their member content to the web or social media

Last year, only four clubs participated in the Publication Awards, down from well over 20 about fifteen years ago.

From a practical standpoint, the judging process is time consuming and takes several months, so at this time, we do not feel that it is worthwhile to continue the awards. Given that fewer clubs are submitting entries, article quality is down, too.

FAAS would like to recognize the clubs who continue to offer quality publications. We know that it is a lot of work for editors and writers and we appreciate your contribution to the aquarium hobby.

Facebook isn’t just for teens and catching up with old high school friends, it’s a tool that provides a wonderful opportunity to create a community and engage with your fellow aquarium fans. Best of all, it’s free unless you choose to advertise. Let’s start with the free part and how you can leverage it for your club. By starting a page you can provide a place for your club to exchange ideas, post fish room pictures and attract new members to the club. You also can create events and invite your Facebook audience to attend.

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